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Hi, i am Mikhail Vokabre, a self-reflecting raccoon trying to save our world with brushes.
Highly likely i can make you a commission, for this message me via e-mail or Telegram.
After all, i accidentally became a member of Japan Illustrators Associations on merit.
New paintings are posted weekly here and on links above, notably on Instagram and Pixiv.
For behind the scene stories and high resolution scans, come to the journey on Patreon.
If you feel extra shiny just today and want to send some tea, there is Ko-fi for that.

Drawing, in art. Although the verb “to draw” has various meanings, the substantive drawing is confined by usage to its artistic sense, delineation or design. The word “draw,” from a root common to the Teutonic languages (Goth, dragan, O.H.G. drahan, Mod. Ger. tragen, which all have the sense of “carry,” O. Norse draga, A.S. drazan, drazen, “draw,” cf. Lat. trahere), means to pull or “drag” (a word of the same origin) as distinct from the action of pushing. It is thus used of traction generally, whether by men, animals or machines. The same idea is preserved in “drawing” as applied to the fine arts.

Encyclopædia Britannica eleventh edition, Volume 8. 1911.

Mikhail Vokabre ~ Mikhail Shcherbakov(?)
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