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hi, i’m self-reflecting raccoon trying to save the world with brushes
new artworks weekly here, on instagram, twitter @procyonity, pixiv, and a few other places linked below
e-mail or twitter @vokabre me for ink and watercolour commissions
for behind the scenes, high-res scans, prints, and artworks on postcards come to the journey of lights and lines on patreon
i’m a member of Japan Illustrators Associations on merit
whenever possible there are photographs of the journeys with a pocket dog Suomi
sometimes there’s android robotics footage on youtube and comments on twitter @vokabrerobotics
on youtube can also be found other adventures with honest and uncensored commentaries
for sending coins for tea there is ko-fi
comments about everything can be found on Twitter @vokabre

message or commission: vokabre@vokabre.com ∙ everything twitter @vokabre ∙ android robots and adventures: youtube, androids @vokabrerobotics
artworks and Suomi: instagram @vokabre ∙ artworks: patreon, pixiv, twitter @procyonity, ko-fi, telegram, deviantart, flickr, ello; jia
Michael Vokabre ~ Michael Shahar ~ Mikhail Shcherbakov(?)
e-mail: vokabre@vokabre.com
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