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What is this?


The author, is the one and only administrator, owner, operator, programmer, editor, writer, builder, director and artist of vokabre.com website.

vokabre.com is a private and non-commercial author’s publishing space. Materials on author’s domains and on the website vokabre.com are only the author’s opinion and nothing but the author’s option. The author shows only this this, which he saw with his own eyes. The author knows that some materials could be considered offensive, but any material itself was not created specifically to offend anybody. Some materials might be considered conflicting to some countries’ laws or to viewpoints of some organisations, but any material was not created specifically to conflict such laws or viewpoints. Materials on the website are never being changed according to any demands of censorship organisations of any countries, including those in Russia. Author is not responsible for anything that can be done by somebody or something during or after reading this website and in any way connected to the website, author’s domains or any author’s creations.

vokabre.com is a Russian and English website, but as an author is not an English native speaker and as the majority of readers are Russian, please excuse the secondary placement of English language, an existence of Russian-only pages and funny or strange English that might appear on translated ones, like this one you’re currently reading.


On 25-08-2008 – vokabre.com was opened on SpaceWeb shared hosting. vokabre.com was only a personal home page without much information on it. First versions of vokabre.com were made in iWeb WYSIWYG editor. In addition to the English version Russian, German, Japanese, Esperanto, and Galactic Basic Standard were since added.
On 05-07-2012 vokabre.com was switched to WordPress. Only Russian and English were left for easier support. It is the website you’re looking at right now.
On 16-09-2013 vokabre.com was moved to a virtual server in Amsterdam.

Screenshots of old versions can be found on an archive page.

The current version of vokabre.com is 12b.

Technical stuff:

The author owns domains vokabre.ru, vokabre.com, vokabre.net and domains of planned projects jptea-eurocoffee.com, metropolitenopolis.com, vokabrerobotics.com. All those domains are personal and used only by the author. Domains vokabre.de, ヴカブル.jp (or something like this) and sketchbyphoto.com which were previously owned by the author, were abandoned and since were bought by cybersquatters.

vokabre.com is situated on a virtual server with IPv4 address, physically placed in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), in DigitalOcean (New-York, USA). Domains vokabre.com, vokabre.net, jptea-eurocoffee.com, metropolitenopolis.com, vokabrerobotics.com are delegated to Gandi.net (Paris, France). Domain vokabre.ru is delegated to SpaceWeb (St. Petersburg, Russia). The author is a citizen of the Russian Federation, a world citizen and a citizen of the Republic of Naminara.

In addition to domains author owns and uses a few accounts:
Patreon, Youtube, Pixiv, Ko-Fi, Telegram, Flickr, Deviantart, VK, Facebook, Ello, Discord’s “vokabre#8315” account, Tubmlr, Mastodon.cloud.

And a few not actively used accounts:
FurAffinity, TheQuestion, Open Russia, Leprosorium, ru.wikipedia, en.wikipedia, d3, Twitter, Habrahabr, Flickr, Googleidontneedyouplus, Livejournal, Yandex, Russian Podcasting, Tatoeba, Vimeo, Lernu, Nicovideo, Elemental Games Forum, 3ty.ru, Metroblog.

The author owns an e-mail address vokabre@vokabre.com and backup addresses vokabre@gmail.com as well as vokabre@yandex.ru. Addresses, previously owned by the author should be considered lost.

The author might own more accounts, but those, not mentioned above should be considered abandoned forever or lost. The author uses vokabre as a name, but in case of accounts and comments on forums don’t forget the fact, that under vokabre name there could be hell knows who, and without a mention on this page this hell knows who could be somebody, but not me. This is how internetz work. The author owns a few accounts not by the name vokabre, but they are either mentioned above, or are not that important to be mentioned (eg. booking.com, ebay.com and others).


The website is using a bunch of technologies that are of course are still owned by their authors.

On the top there’s WordPress of one of the latest versions.

The theme used on vokabre.com is a heavily modified fork-version of Simplest (ver. 1.3) theme by Trevor Turk.

Then comes a lot of plugins, and on the lower levels there’s Debian, Apache, MySQL, PHP and a bunch of other nice stuff that can be associated with a linux web-server.

The author collected anonymous statistics using Yandex.metrika, but not anymore since February 18, 2018.


All materials on the website vokabre.com are author’s for the exception of quoted material or material linked to an another author. The author respects freedom and owner’s rights and hoping for respect from the internet. All materials, including photos, pictures, drawings, texts and drawn buttons are published under a sorta free license Creative Commons BY-NC-ND version 4.0 (changed from CC-BY-NC-SA on January 28 2015). In addition, the author is not against offline copies, but in most cases against mirroring not done by the author itself, of the materials, because the website always is changing, while the mirrors could stay behind.

In case of a change on the website and on the author’s domains, made not by the author, as well as in case of a change on one of author’s accounts, except for changes for the website itself where this account is placed, this website, domain or an account, which happened to have such a change, should be considered hijacked. This included hijacking by the private persons, organisations and government services. The only exception are cases such as the death of the author or something like kidnapping the author itself by some kind of terrorists, but every such case is special and requires a special confirmation and a detailed analysis of the situation.

Some texts, photos and pictures might be copied by the author, in some cases with minor changes, to one of author’s accounts, mirrored. Ownership of such materials is kept by the author. The license for such materials depends from the website, in case of mirroring from vokabre.com, the primary license should be the one used for the original.

In all other cases materials flew away to the internet by their free license. I hope that they flew by their free license, not by “let’s delete the watermark and steal this picture”. If you want to do this, I’ve just virtually smacked you with a smoked fish. If you know, who did this, please, tell me, we’ll together virtually smack them with a smoked fish. There are laws after all, and in the worst cases the author is not against using such laws.

Any pixel, that could be shown on the website and on any of the author’s domains, will not be sold to somebody or used as advert without a specific mentioning. With the appearance of such pixels, look to the paragraph about hijacking. And in most cases any pixels will not be sold or used as advert at all, just because this is not nice.

And in addition:

vokabre.com exists only because of the readers. If there won’t be people who open vokabre.com, this website would not be there. Thank you, people of the œtherweb.

Mikhail Vokabre ~ Mikhail Shcherbakov(?)
e-mail: vokabre@vokabre.com
vokabre.com - - Kingdom of the Netherlands, Amsterdam(?)
MMVIII–MMXVIII and counting. cc-by-nc-nd 4.0