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Come for a walk (regarding Patreon)
[Posted: 2017-06-11 14-22 UTC±0] 

A title of this post, as it might seem like, asks the reader to come for a walk for upcoming (as for the time of writing this post) Day of Russia. That’s very good, and Moscow can even meet me this way.

Yet this isn’t the main reason.

A few days ago, not very notably for the internetz, but a bit notably for this website, a personal page on Patreon was opened.

I’m pretty sure that a lot have already seen Patreon pages, and some, the most brilliant ones even subscribed to their favourite creators. Patreon is an endless Kickstarter that lets viewers to become a part of creative process

Unfortunately, for me it’s always awkward to write someting in the internets. So, a reader of this website might had a question “where all the money come from”. There never was an answer. So, here’s an answer. For now it’s from nowhere.

It was impossible to both write stories, make paintings, study somehwere and exist in our world and it was the main problem with writing the Korean Saga.

I was living in Korea thanks to university money and work as kind of a writer. Then it begun a few years of chaos with no steady income apart from rather low university money. Yet i finished the Korean Album and begun working on Moscow ALbum.

This year i decided to start an experiment to switch to creating pictures as my main income. Those paintings that occasionally feature flying flags and fallen trees restricts me from any kind of official publicity in Russia.

Internets can overcome that. Everyone reading this can become a new Nicholas Roerich as a director of Imperial Society of Supporting Fine Arts. That’s why i’m calling you to come join me for a walk, take a ball to play with and come to Patreon.

Pictures on Patreon are published earlier than everywhere in the internets and up to 3000px width in size. Pictures are published with backstories and explanations on techniques and materials used.

With the subscription you can get mentioned on future paintings, wake up every couple of months to a real drawn by hand postcard in your postbox or even get a personally made painting send to you a couple of times a year.

Don’t be alarmed that any pictures would be paywalled. In a couple of days after initial publication on Patreon all pictures would appear on vokabre.com, Flickr, deviantArt, Facebook and VK in standard 1000px size.

We’re floating away, but joyfully, like a pumpkin that’s jumping on river waves.

The journey awaits.

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